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March 22, 2007 — Suazion, Inc., a New York-based communications firm with nonprofit advocacy and business communications divisions, announced its plans to open a justice division serving the presentation needs of the legal community.

Established in 1994, Suazion’s area of expertise lies in producing marketing, communications, and presentation materials for a varied client base, including Fortune 500 companies, the United Nations and other large international aid agencies, and numerous smaller private-sector businesses. Suazion’s principal Jeffrey Stern, a Colombia University and Georgetown University Law Center graduate, said, “Suazion has carved a unique niche in the communications marketplace. While we are fortunate to have done projects for global businesses like Domino’s Pizza and Buick, we are proud to have focused our recent work on the needs of nonprofits and small businesses. Such organizations and companies often have a higher level of need for communications services but are constrained by lower budgets and general scarcity of resources.

“Similarly, the white-shoe law firms with multimillion-dollar accounts typically have communications and graphics professionals on the payroll, yet the majority of our nation’s litigation is handled by private-practice attorneys without such support. Suazion is perfectly positioned to provide these smaller-size practitioners with the same high-caliber presentation services available to well-financed firms.”

Julia Dudnik, Suazion’s founding principal and its creative director, said, “While there is great demand for such services, there appear to be no service providers catering to the small- to medium-sized law firm. The limited number of companies that offer such services are neither affordably priced nor can they compete with Suazion’s 15 years of marketing, advertising, and communications experience. Given the success of our nonprofit and small-business divisions, this is the perfect time to expand our services to capitalize on the synergies of having both communications and legal expertise.”

When preparing a case, how much attention do you pay to every word, paragraph, and analytical step? What about your presentation materials? 

Let Suazion Justice make your visual presentations as strong as your written and oral argumentation. Not just aesthetically pleasing — but effectively compelling. Suazion Justice combines the experience and strength of its two principals, Jeffrey Stern (JD, Georgetown University) and Julia Dudnik (BA, FIT New York) to produce materials that support your argument as strongly and succinctly as your written work.

Suazion Justice and its website will be fully operational shortly. Please contact us if you have immediate needs.
Established in 1994, Suazion is a New York-based creative agency offering a range of marketing and communications services to a client base that includes the Fortune 500, the world’s largest nonprofits, and numerous privately held businesses. Suazion’s industry expertise is equally diverse, spanning practically every sector from business-to-business financial and recruitment services to consumer products, telecommunications, food franchises, and technology firms.

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